Growth & Sustainability Playbook

This Playbook, released in February 2024, addresses the apparent Growth and Sustainability paradox. It is designed primarily for those leading R&D, innovation and other business functions that share the goal of realizing progress on sustainability whilst not compromising business growth. cto forum The Playbook contains 3 Plays, 10 Principles and 3 Tools that organisations can use internally. There are also observations and case studies from participating organisations. To access a full copy of the Growth & Sustainability Playbook please submit your business email address. For a taste of the Playbook, please see the excerpt below:


About Science Group

Science Group is an international science, engineering and technology (“SET”) business providing a range of services to the medical, defence, industrial, food & beverage and consumer sectors, supplemented by a strategic products division where the Group holds leading market positions in associated technology sectors.

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